Hebrew. OYIN-BEIT-RESH. Vocalized as “IVRIT”… as in “Iberian”

OYIN-RESH-KAF pronounced “geh’-reckx”… similar to the english word “erik” : is to set in order, a military battle array, an organized preparation such as a table setting,
to make something appreciated so its value can be assessed such as a museum display, or an entry in an encyclopedia or dictionary… Registry, archives, an Index… a Chart.

eriktology” – the study of Hebrew conducted by looking at the pictographic expressions for each of the 22 Letters and considering that their placement in the chronological string of letters is an intentional communication fabrication by the Author of the sequence, who developed the set of images as a self-referential introduction to sentient explorers of its arrangement…

… which is to say, I believe “AHYH” invented the Hebrew ALEF-BEIT as the “Word”, the “Logos” which is referred to in the Gospel of John, Chapter One… The ALEF-BEIT is the very tool by which as else was constructed and implemented. Thus, even non-material processes such as “thinking” or “memory” are ordered according to patterns embedded within the format of the Letters. Cognition is a function programmed by the ALEF-BEIT.

To study the “spelling of words” is to study the “Face of ALOHIM”- PEI-NOON-YOD. The ALEF-BEIT identifies the “MaShYACx” of YHUH, the One sent from “Heaven” to Earth.
The History of Humans on Earth is according to the sequence of the Letters.

“Everything” that exists is a Fractal of the Hebrew ALEF-BEIT picture concepts called “LOGOGRAMS”… (which is an English word composed of two Greek words which sprouted
from Hebrew words LAMED-HEI-GIMEL and GIMEL-RESH-MEM.) “something written which causes or brings about… ‘body’, self, bone… That sounds like the concept of “Speaking into existence, electrons and protons which interface each other according to predesigned “rules of engagement”- ( electromagnetic attraction and repulsion ) – which is the basic action forming all matter of Chemistry.

…Or perhaps, “Writing is to draw elemental squiggle shapes which ferry meaning- causing an idea to transfer from a source to a receptor while maintaining full integrity of the concept for which it was intended.” Without disintegrating, the essence of an idea as it existed in the mind of the first person, must be relayed to the mind of an other, and be identical… such that the first mind would recognize no difference even if it was re-transferred in any altered aspect.

Whoever designed the Paleo Hebrew Letters, did so in such a way that one can notice a perfect correlation between the Seven-Day progression of Creation in Genesis 1, the list of MOEDIM in Leviticus 23, the Pattern of the MISHKAN in Exodus 25… and the Letters themselves… and the Beatitudes of Matthew 5… and Daniel 9: 24… and Daniel 12: 4- 13.

The ALEF-BEIT pre-existed the physical Universe… and pre-existed the Man who was the Incarnation of “that Word” who walked the Earth 2000 years ago… He was that Word
shrouded in Humanity.

To study Hebrew, is to study “Him”.

…and the communication must be exact. Perfect. Without blemish. “TaMIM”.
…so He composed it Himself, about Himself, so He would be recognized by it, at such a time.